People want ESO to be soloable because currently the phasing system

People want things to be soloable because currently the phasing system makes it impossible for you to go back and help a guildmate or freind with a quest they are stuck on. If no-one happens to be at the same point in the same quest as you then you are stuck with it and can’t get help. People would not care how tricky something was if they knew they could call for help to get through it.

I don’t think most players want “solo only”, but to be able to solo everything. Grouping is probably the most challenging part of this game. I play a heavy armor sword & board DK, because I don’t follow norm of light armor to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold and staff grouping is nearly impossible. Because my DPS isn’t as high i have been kicked from a few groups. I have had group members bail before final bosses when it gets too difficult or if the run is not fast enough for them.

I belong to 4 guilds (3 trading, 1 PvE/PvP) I don’t expect to play much with my trade guilds, but my other guild has clicks so if your not with the “in crowd” don’t expect invites. I have 4 RL friends who play, but with recent bugs they’ve gotten frustrated and haven’t been playing much.

The other problem is many of the higher VR areas are an empty void. I was in Eastmarch yesterday and most of the dungeons I had to solo because no one was around. So I just stock up on soul gems and force my way through. Because this has become a standard the recent nerfs to DK’s have been a bit frustrating for me.

I consider myself fairly social and will run to help if I see a shout out in chat, but if only 3 people show up to a dark anchor or world boss that’s pretty sad. I would love to find a small core group/guild with less than 20 people to play with Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold, but even that would be difficult. One of my guilds has 500 members, but only about 10-15 players have been online in the last 2 weeks. I don’t know if this is a sign of things to come.

I have a 6 month sub and play almost everyday so am in it for the long haul and I do love the game, but i’m not sure what the solution is to fill the void i just wish ZoS would cater a little more to player’s like myself who just want to play despite the bugs, bots, and glitches. Of course, I really haven’t experienced many of the game-breaking problems other players have been having so my level of frustration is not as high and in a different direction.

I try to make things soloable in any game because its fun and challenging to find out how far i can go with my class.

But I would never claim or ask to make content that is supposed to be for groups become easier or soloable.

I just like challenging stuff and working on specific builds or tactics to make the “impossible” become possible. This can take a couple days and not everything is succesful but at least i want the chance to try it …

I don’t like games that come up with silly barriers and restrictions, like you cannot enter a place or instance just because you have not enough people or something like that.

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I am new to Albion Online, Hi

I am new to this game, just played for 5 days, but i wasted some real money to buy gold and upgraded my island to lv 6 hoping this could give me allot silver i future.
The thing is i learn cooking right now, i just bee able to cook goose pie.
I look on market to buy all items for 1 single cooking, and that would cost me 7500 silver. I guess i get 10 pies and that would mean the cost to make them is 750 each.
When i look on market the cheapest costs 650😀.
That means i could not sell it and earn anything.

If i was able to grow gooses, goats and so on it would offcourse be cheaper, but….if i the sell the ingredients instead of cooking them i make higher profit.
Is there trouble in the games ecconomy? or have i totaly missed something?

Ingredients are often more expensive than the finished product because the process of converting ingredients into products rewards you with Albion Online Silver. If you could just buy ingredients off the market, craft them, and sell them for a profit, then everyone would be leveling their crafting skills for free.

First check the market. Do the math and see if a profit can be made. Then put the work in.

You get 15% returned resources when crafting in a city, which means 15% cheaper materials. Soon they will add the option of using crafting focus for foods/pots to give a 45% return. I generally try and break even on buying/selling and let the 15% be my profit.

I know all of that but any how the ingredients should give a little less profit then the ready cooked meal i think. In moast other mmo i played i could buy ingredients and cook and still make a little profit, ofc not much, or else you make more money selling the ingredients instead of making a product of it.

Its possible to level cooking with buying ingredients allready, ofc you lose some money, but moast of it you get back when selling the finished product.

Lets say i can farm goats, goose and grow cabbage. If i sell the raw ingredients i get more money then if i cook the goose pie to Buy Albion Online Gold, and if i just want money i would go that way instead of learning cooking.

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Negative effects of removing naked fast travel

The current map is splitting the player base and forcing people to live somewhere to play a certain style they enjoy. Im not going to explain this read forum and look at your world map to figure this out. I personally have never been to the middle blackzone map, I can find out how to get there but why would I even bother? Mmo not suppose to be like that, your supposed to actually have some incentive to go there at some point to do something. Your choice ofc always if youll travel there. but I cannot find any reason to even go there to explore.

Why should you even force players to play at a certain place and only be able to do certain things? Why are there no territories to fight over in royal islands? There are red pvp zones right? (forum mods have already confirmed they will be adding territories to red pvp zones at royal islands so ok good).
Travelling naked somewhere means u have to go to marketplace and rebuy your equip, this is good for the economy and puts you in a disadvantage: youll have to earn(kill) atleast more then the gear u bought at marketplace in pvp to make profit. And like I said yes it will be abused, again I say who cares? Current game is all about abusing. I can think af a quick way to abuse what you just said about this with /suicide and switching guilds on my own alt character allowing me to teleport naked from and back to royals/black zone. Would need 1 friend though who is in a different guild. You can abuse this current naked teleport system and make it very complicated so only certain players use (abuse) it or just make naked travel everywhere available to all players.
Or just make travelling the map feel less like work and more like a computer game I play to relax. Hardcore grinding and pvp is awesome imo, hardcore map travelling in a windows 95 game where u cant even auto walk forward or click on your minimap or cant even click on the fcking normal map when you open the map screen cus my character will stop walking is not. A man can only take so much mouseclicks before his finger starts to hurt. Without adrenaline becus I see random boss spawns on map or pvp or anything interesting my finger starts to feel tired and it begins to seem much easier to just click log off button. I played older games like albion where travilling was better programmed (u could atleast ‘autofollow’ another player in your party) so I see no reason why they couldnt program it into the game in 2016.

Yes hardcoretravelling to starter areas to kill rabbits is more rewarding in a way but I keep falling asleep on my keyboard while travilling green maps and wake up later to find ive been killed by a fox I accidentely aggrod with my face pressing buttons.

Please bring back naked fast travel to all zones if not, at least to yellow and red zones.

Negative effects of removing naked fast travel:
1) Yellow and red zones has even less players now than before, there’s no need of a market if no one ventures out to those towns anymore. Developers claim removal of naked fast travel was to improve other markets.

Positive effects of reinstalling naked fast travel:
1) Low level players can meet up with their high level friends in a timely manner, to join on GVG, raids, guild activities etc. So that short guild actives like guild fights or defending a castle doesn’t end by the time players arrive.
2) Populating other cities
3) When players naked fast travel to other towns, they tend to buy materials and equipment at that town because it’s more convenient and safe which increases economy flow for that town’s market anyways.
4) Players that have only a few hours to play daily will spend less time traveling and more time playing. Players that have more time will have an even greater amount of time playing instead of traveling. A win win for both type of players.

Side notes:
1) Naked fast travel does not decrease the need to transport materials to other cities
2) Players that like to travel by feet or mount to other towns may still do so.
3) Population in major cities has decreased since removal, like in Queen’s Market 150 average to 70 average, King’s Market 130 average to 50 average.

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My Feedback – Love the game but there is alot to be fixed

Hey there,

I have played this game for around three weeks now. And I have come to a point today where i just thought:”why am I even doing this?”. I really liked this game at the start and I am still hyped. But the truth is, that I have crafted and learned everything up to T5 and its getting repetitive and boring. The thing is, I dont even see what I am doing this for. Tell me to grind further and “experience the endgame” but tbh, no. Why would I?

I am already bored to hell and there is no “endgame” for me to be seen really, since joining one of big huge Alliances that control basically everything of the world atm is just not what I think is fun. Also we realized that the PVE just isnt existant at the time and the dungeon we’ve been running looks the same as on every tier. But let us get started. I will try to keep the sentences short and make suggestions on how to improve the game. I will also write down what I am missing in the game.

Albion Online

I have seen many games try to bring a new fresh vibe to MMOs and many had good ideas but just couldnt fix simple problems because they were maybe caught up in their worlds trying to make “the ultimate pvp” or “ultimate pve game”. What I see in this game is a great potential and this game could easily become one of the best things I have ever played. The world and atmosphere is beautiful and Id like to see more of that – so here is what I see is wrong and needs to be adressed BEFORE introducing new biomes or anything. In its current state and even with some upcoming travel and gathering changes, this game will not last more than a few months after release for a bigger audience. Here is why:

A) PVE: There is zero PVE content:

Dungeons are copied-pasted-trash-pack caves (with no way out once u are in the middle). There “bosses” are big trash mobs. There is no PVE gear/loot/resources/crafting recipes/ rare materials to gain. The dungeon maps are the same for EVERY dungeon. the mobs are the same for EVERY dungeon. the abilities vary only slightly. There are no Events. There is no special boss tactic/challenge. No World Bosses and no world events. In your trailer you speak about “everybody matters” but for what do they matter? No one finds it fun to grind for others doing pvp in the Zones, well at least no one that is not insane.

Ideas -> a good PVE system WILL give players something to play for and goals, while pvpers fight they could get something out of the dungeons/world events to help them win the PVP Zones. Or you could argue that PVE players would PVE to get better stuff for PVP. PVE Objectives also encourage PVP. For example you could fight for a dungeon before being able to enter. Or you can gank people that want to go to a PVE Dungeon or a world boss. There are many things this adds to a game like AO. In the end not every player wants to PVP 24/7 for nothing. Which leads to my next point:

B) PVP: My only question is – why even bother?

Image result for albion online

There are no players just outside looking for open PVP. There are no Outdoor PVP Objectives (no a chest with wood logs in it is not an objective). There are no 1v1 fights. Its a “bigger group of claymores wins” system. No Towers/Castles/Dungeons/Zone or guild buffs are gained via pvp. There are too many yellow zones without any use.

The only thing that is there is GvG if you are part of one of the, lets say four, big zerg guilds that are already at T8. Either you do GvG in the black zones or there is NOTHING to do for you in this game except for grinding to take part in it. This is fun for lets say 10% of the player base (?).

What I still dont quiet understand, and this might really just be me not knowing, is why the hell would you even take the risk to contest those black areas? What is the reward for owning territories and have a massive time sink into defending them against huge zergs? There is no gear for it, there is no Castle/Dungeon/Raid/Legendary weapons/Mounts/Rank for it. You can just say “man now we got this territory and can grind even more ressources with it to have more ressources… erm what?” – that just doesnt cut it for some people.

Small guilds have no part in the end game and can not experience it. There is no small scale PVP, no open world battles for ressources or gear, ground control via f.e. Towers or castles in red PVP Zones.

Ideas -> Introduce towers in Red Zones and make them yield a buff of some sort for that area. Make Dungeons contestable (at least some) so that there is actually a point of PVPing for something. Make Hell Gates matter. Maybe even remove yellow zones so that people have to gather in protected caravans to gather mats together, which is not as boring as mowing down trees endlessly to craft them and trash them in the study zone.

Implement things that can happen to us while we grind, so that we arent grinding stone or leather or wood without anything happening.What I also would suggest is to make something like safe spot Inventory Items. Those Items could not be lost when being looted, that way people would be able to go gather and actually try to pvp while at it, rather than having to go back to town storing everything in a chest und come back with their “pvp replaceable gear” and empty bags. If they do that at all. If you wouldnt be losing your axes, pickaxes or stonehammers, bags, or capes at least people wouldnt mind going for a fight. Losing my gear is ok, and even losing my ressources is okay, but what do my tools and bags have to do with a pvp fight?

the black zone GvG just isnt for everyone, it seems few alliances are dominating the whole place and there is absolutely no reason to contest it for smaller guilds. And even if bigger alliances form, and they fight over it. What do we actually gain from having those territories?

C) Random Stuff:

– the guild interface is a joke. I want to be able to clearly see who is where, Id like to whisper people out of the guild frame when I click their name, I want to invite them that way too. I would like to set a Gmessage of the day without a command. Id like to have things more visible. WoW did this 11 years ago, you can do better than this.

– friends list have the same issues the guild interface has. And please remove it out of the chat or at least make it more accessible.

– Make the Chat more userfriendly. It is a pain to use, and a pain to look at. Please just keep it simple and use formats that have worked in the past rather than inventing something new. Make people be able to bind chat replies.

– Overall customization of the game is terrible. I can not use name plates, there is no target of target, there are no symbols (I am fine with that but some people arent).

– Dungeons are copy paste garbage and no fun at all. Make specific dungeons with a certain theme or Idea or story behind it and shorten the overall number of them, so that they get contested.

– There could just be a wider range of models and NPCs in the game doing stuff, giving life to the world and attracting player attention.

– All towns have the same layout and look (like dungeons, and I know they will get a facelift soon).

– There is no GvG System other than the black zones -> maybe implement GvG fights apart from the Black Zones

– No world events

– the labourer system is just a pain and no fun

– Guild halls could be used to build (for example in the corners of the guild hall) a PROPER guild bank where you have an interface to store items, manage rights and access of ranks and see who withdrew and deposited what when. Just to have it there for guilds that dont want to deal with 8 chests in their hall. Give people the possibility to create what fits their play style. Maybe even a tavern or barracks for the labourers/mercenaries, so that u dont have 100 beds and tables standing around your guild hall. Like this there is no real use for guild halls, its just something u have where u store garbage your labourers need. Nothing social, nothing enjoyable, nothing of advantage, nothing to customize your guild style.

– Raid and Group interfaces are not really enjoyable

– No /who function or at least something along those lines

– Gem cutting could be introduced to customize gameplay

– Some buildings like the mill are just not really usefull to me and could very well be combined with other buildings. Overall the building choice is very limited and everyone has EVERY building sooner or later. This counts for private aswell as guild islands. Should either be harder to obtain or somewhat more interesting, or limited. Or need more ressources to get and upgrade.

– There are cool landmarks on the maps, but there is nothing there to do? You cant go into buildings, there are no NPCs that have some sort of story or quests, nothing to loot, or fight over. There are just tents or old torn down cathedrals that have no story or could be used to add LIFE to the world.

– Overall the game is just too flat and boring.

I would love to see this game succeed, there is just so much that has to be done, and I hope the devs do not think that sandbox means “no need to waste time on pve lol” and black zone is the sh1t everyone cares about. Because its not and people DO need rewards and stuff to work towards. Otherwise this will likely become a game for 1000 players that play GvG for nothing.


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SBI should consider changes to the reputation system

The reputation system is being completely misapplied in yellow zones.

The devs at SBI are smart, so can’t imagine this is just an oversight. I just don’t understand why they want the game to be this way.

Without knowing their true motivation, it’s hard to suggest changes. I’ll just tell you what changes I’d make:

Remove flagging entirely. Blackzone pvp works without it, do it the same way in yellow/red. (allow a safety check box to avoid accidental attacks)
– All non-allied/guild players are blue to each other.
– When you attack someone in a yellow/red zone, you turn grey. Grey characters can be attacked by anyone else without loss of rep.
– After an attack, you remain grey for 10 minutes. Guards will attack you. After 10 mins, you turn blue.
– When you attack a blue character, you lose rep. You lose more if you knockdown a blue. You lose lots more if you kill a blue.
– Attacking a blue does NOT reset your rep to zero. It simply lowers your rep by a set amount.
– If your rep goes below zero, because you’ve attacked blues too often/much, you turn red.
– Reds can be attacked without any rep loss. Reds only turn blue again once their rep is raised enough.

Albion Online

How would this play out?

– People could be attacked in yellow/Red zones by other players without warning and at anytime, allowing for “heat of the moment” pvp.
– “Good” players will no longer avoid flagging over minor issues due to fear of losing ALL their rep.
– Small skirmish and incidental pvp will be encouraged and happen more. Everyone will want to attack greys, causing more fun pvp.
– Reds will be clearly identified as the “professional” criminals that they are.

Optional ideas:

– Add minimum percentage fame loss for actions. (-1% fame for attacking a blue, -3% for knocking down a blue, -6% for killing a blue)
—-> This prevents players with very high rep from being able to freely attack others without penalty.

– In yellow zones, make red players show up on the mini-map.
—-> If you’re a professional criminal skulking around in yellow zones, people will know where you are and come to attack you.
—-> If you’re red, you’ll only go to yellow zones because you WANT challenging PvP. Not because you want to grief.
—-> It’s hard to grief people if they can see you on the mini-map.

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My ideas with Albion Online

Here are my thoughts. Albion Online is one of the funnest games i have played recently i want to see it succeed! I have personally noticed the population dropping like crazy the past few weeks and i believe it is because the game is not rewarding enough on a individual level and caters to much to large guilds.

1. Map boarders based on current occupancy. 1-5 people (green boarder) 5-10 (blue boarder) 10-25 (yellow boarder) 25+ (red boarder) This would not give away the exact location of large groups but it would allow people to feel what they are stepping into. Zergs could find other Zergs.

2. People want to become a permanent villian and should be able to do so. Right now towns like icemelt host a lot of villains but eventually they get too much neg rep and have to house themselves in the black zone. Okay well now you have to run 1,000 miles to get any decent small group PvP. Why not have one designated pirate city in the red zones. It could be placed far out on the edge of the mainlands so its still inconvenient but not 40 minutes inconvenient. This would create a hub for small grp red zone PvPers which is desperately needed.
Albion Online
3. Below 15% health movement speed impairment. Every game has this i don’t know why this one doesn’t. There is wayyyy to much escape in this game and not enough CC. This is why claymore is soo meta right now in open world. The mobility on claymore with the CC it’s capable of is obviously way to over powered, but its honestly one of the only ways to force a fight in open world with the current state of mobility. I originally rolled as daggers and my god i was useless…anyone can run away even as claws its rough! I believe every pair of shoes should get the same run speed buff and add another spell to all boots that is build specific (cloth spell dmg, leather a better stealth (maybe a poison?) & plate an armor buff). There needs to be snare abilities available for other builds that dont over write meditation or move mediation as a weapon ability only for weapon builds that absolutely rely on it.

4. Permanent invisibility build. It would be nice to be a designed stealth solo pvp that could pick and choose fights. The ability should be on a weapon to avoid other group orientated weapon builds (sustained dps[group] vs burst[solo]) from using it and it should have a 20% reduction in run speed penalty and a proximity reveal. Every good game that allows for entertaining solo PvP has a class like this.

5. Gathering. We all know gathering is a little iffy right now. I started as a gatherer and really enjoyed it until my guild conquered large amounts of land in the black zone and it became a free farm frenzy. One part of gathering that was appealing to me was the idea of PvP’n in between in high risk high reward situations. Should the best tier materials be gather able in the black zone?… Farming in the black zone in the safety of my alliance was great and all minus the zerg or two but i had the most fun farming in the red zones with the occasional small group or solo pvp battle. Gathering in my eyes is about the nomad searching high and low for the good stuff far from home and bringing back his shiny bounty to his homeland. Not walking out front to his courtyard and collecting god tier. This just snow balls big guilds into the best PvP gear and gives any up coming guilds no chance at ever matching GvG gear and taking territory. Gathering is an awesome mechanic!!!! What is so special about it is that only one person can grab the node which discourages 5 other people from following around their guilds gatherer because that’s just boring and unrewarding for them. I guess what i am saying is that gathering poses the biggest opportunity for good solo and small grp PvP. If the really good lewt is located far off in the “out lands” people will make subtle farming groups to go on journeys to collect it and get in interesting PvP conflicts that are by far less zergy. Separate the zerg and gathering.

6. Limit guilds to 50 people. Nuff said.

7. Eliminate alliances. There is absolutely no reason for there to be alliances in this game. Now i’m now saying completely eliminate alliances from the game, what i am saying is remove the coded element of alliances from the game. If two guilds want to make a truce not to attack each other that is fine we cant stop that! But it should be every other guild for them selves at the end of the day. The alliance systems makes it way to easy for super powers to rise by controlling an entire continent in a few days. Not having it hard coded into the game would also open it up for interesting social interactions between guilds who have agreements to be “allies”. Many times this wipe my alliance would quarrel over chest and what not. It would have been a lot more to fun to able to just say how about this “DIEEEEE” this would allow alliances to be created and broken by the edge of the sword.

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Albion Online: Item Decay

What do I mean by Item Decay
Let me get one thing clear first, as much as this is supposed to be a ‘hardcore’ game I don’t for one second mean that items will decay over time whilst in your bank/chest/on your person. So no moldy food or potions that turn poisonous. What I mean is that there is a total usage you can get out of an item before it goes *poof* into a million bits that not even god can put back together.

Why would Item Decay be a good thing?
I believe it will over all provide an increase to the economy due to the influx of items being needed to be bought. No longer will items just stockpile themselves up in the auction houses and get cheaper and cheaper everyday.

How would Item Decay Work?
As it stands, it’s uncommon to the majority of us to just loose an item. We already have a durability on non-consumable items and when it reaches a certain number we are just unable to use that item until it is repaired. How many times can we repair it? Infinite (Or so I believe). So here is my proposed idea on how it could work.

  • Implement (Or base off of quality) a feature that degrades over how many times it’s been repaired.

If based on quality an example of this would be as follows – A normal quality item can be repaired for a total of 10 x 100 durability which equals 1000 repair points. A good quality item can be repaired for a total of 15 x 100 durability which equals 1500 repair points, so on and so forth. The reason in which it shouldn’t be based off of x amount of repairs is due to the fact that many people will just use the repair all button even if it’s only suffered 1 durability loss. So that would then mean on a normal item that would say have 10 repairs, you’ve lost 1 repair for repairing it for 1 durability. Where as with this system you’ve only lost 1 of your total points leaving you with 999 durability points.

If based off of its own new feature for example, it could be called ‘Item Degradation’ it could simply list the amount of repair points the item has left and could be found in the same place you find the quality and other stats of said item.

Personally I think it should be based off of the quality of the item and tie directly to that. It is to be noted that the perks gained from the higher quality item (at least in my idea) do not degrade with the diminishing degradation of the item.

Albion Online

How will this affect the economy?
After thinking long and hard about this one, I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst gatherers may suffer during the initial roll-out and implementation of this new feature, they will ultimately be better off. The demand for resources will increase a hell of a lot meaning that gathering will still be a good way to earn cash. It goes without saying that the people who craft items will benefit the most from this as they will need to keep up with the demand for people stockpiling items. Those who just want to PvE will suffer the most, however if I remember correctly I remember something somewhere about there may only be some resources available in dungeons/from monsters which will be their big source of income. For the PvPers, well this game is oriented round being guild/clan/team based, also if you’re a good PvPer you’re already rich.

All numbers are there just for an example and are not an actual suggested figure. They are there purely to provide a better understanding of what I am suggesting.

Please let me know what you think, all feedback is welcome (good and bad). It’s also worth noting I have done a quick search on the forum and found nothing like this before. I’ve also asked about items decaying in game (as I’m not extremely experienced in all areas of the game) and found that items may only be destroyed up on being executed. If any of this already exists I apologize. Once again thank you for reading this and giving your input.

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