My ideas with Albion Online

Here are my thoughts. Albion Online is one of the funnest games i have played recently i want to see it succeed! I have personally noticed the population dropping like crazy the past few weeks and i believe it is because the game is not rewarding enough on a individual level and caters to much to large guilds.

1. Map boarders based on current occupancy. 1-5 people (green boarder) 5-10 (blue boarder) 10-25 (yellow boarder) 25+ (red boarder) This would not give away the exact location of large groups but it would allow people to feel what they are stepping into. Zergs could find other Zergs.

2. People want to become a permanent villian and should be able to do so. Right now towns like icemelt host a lot of villains but eventually they get too much neg rep and have to house themselves in the black zone. Okay well now you have to run 1,000 miles to get any decent small group PvP. Why not have one designated pirate city in the red zones. It could be placed far out on the edge of the mainlands so its still inconvenient but not 40 minutes inconvenient. This would create a hub for small grp red zone PvPers which is desperately needed.
Albion Online
3. Below 15% health movement speed impairment. Every game has this i don’t know why this one doesn’t. There is wayyyy to much escape in this game and not enough CC. This is why claymore is soo meta right now in open world. The mobility on claymore with the CC it’s capable of is obviously way to over powered, but its honestly one of the only ways to force a fight in open world with the current state of mobility. I originally rolled as daggers and my god i was useless…anyone can run away even as claws its rough! I believe every pair of shoes should get the same run speed buff and add another spell to all boots that is build specific (cloth spell dmg, leather a better stealth (maybe a poison?) & plate an armor buff). There needs to be snare abilities available for other builds that dont over write meditation or move mediation as a weapon ability only for weapon builds that absolutely rely on it.

4. Permanent invisibility build. It would be nice to be a designed stealth solo pvp that could pick and choose fights. The ability should be on a weapon to avoid other group orientated weapon builds (sustained dps[group] vs burst[solo]) from using it and it should have a 20% reduction in run speed penalty and a proximity reveal. Every good game that allows for entertaining solo PvP has a class like this.

5. Gathering. We all know gathering is a little iffy right now. I started as a gatherer and really enjoyed it until my guild conquered large amounts of land in the black zone and it became a free farm frenzy. One part of gathering that was appealing to me was the idea of PvP’n in between in high risk high reward situations. Should the best tier materials be gather able in the black zone?… Farming in the black zone in the safety of my alliance was great and all minus the zerg or two but i had the most fun farming in the red zones with the occasional small group or solo pvp battle. Gathering in my eyes is about the nomad searching high and low for the good stuff far from home and bringing back his shiny bounty to his homeland. Not walking out front to his courtyard and collecting god tier. This just snow balls big guilds into the best PvP gear and gives any up coming guilds no chance at ever matching GvG gear and taking territory. Gathering is an awesome mechanic!!!! What is so special about it is that only one person can grab the node which discourages 5 other people from following around their guilds gatherer because that’s just boring and unrewarding for them. I guess what i am saying is that gathering poses the biggest opportunity for good solo and small grp PvP. If the really good lewt is located far off in the “out lands” people will make subtle farming groups to go on journeys to collect it and get in interesting PvP conflicts that are by far less zergy. Separate the zerg and gathering.

6. Limit guilds to 50 people. Nuff said.

7. Eliminate alliances. There is absolutely no reason for there to be alliances in this game. Now i’m now saying completely eliminate alliances from the game, what i am saying is remove the coded element of alliances from the game. If two guilds want to make a truce not to attack each other that is fine we cant stop that! But it should be every other guild for them selves at the end of the day. The alliance systems makes it way to easy for super powers to rise by controlling an entire continent in a few days. Not having it hard coded into the game would also open it up for interesting social interactions between guilds who have agreements to be “allies”. Many times this wipe my alliance would quarrel over chest and what not. It would have been a lot more to fun to able to just say how about this “DIEEEEE” this would allow alliances to be created and broken by the edge of the sword.

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Albion Online: Item Decay

What do I mean by Item Decay
Let me get one thing clear first, as much as this is supposed to be a ‘hardcore’ game I don’t for one second mean that items will decay over time whilst in your bank/chest/on your person. So no moldy food or potions that turn poisonous. What I mean is that there is a total usage you can get out of an item before it goes *poof* into a million bits that not even god can put back together.

Why would Item Decay be a good thing?
I believe it will over all provide an increase to the economy due to the influx of items being needed to be bought. No longer will items just stockpile themselves up in the auction houses and get cheaper and cheaper everyday.

How would Item Decay Work?
As it stands, it’s uncommon to the majority of us to just loose an item. We already have a durability on non-consumable items and when it reaches a certain number we are just unable to use that item until it is repaired. How many times can we repair it? Infinite (Or so I believe). So here is my proposed idea on how it could work.

  • Implement (Or base off of quality) a feature that degrades over how many times it’s been repaired.

If based on quality an example of this would be as follows – A normal quality item can be repaired for a total of 10 x 100 durability which equals 1000 repair points. A good quality item can be repaired for a total of 15 x 100 durability which equals 1500 repair points, so on and so forth. The reason in which it shouldn’t be based off of x amount of repairs is due to the fact that many people will just use the repair all button even if it’s only suffered 1 durability loss. So that would then mean on a normal item that would say have 10 repairs, you’ve lost 1 repair for repairing it for 1 durability. Where as with this system you’ve only lost 1 of your total points leaving you with 999 durability points.

If based off of its own new feature for example, it could be called ‘Item Degradation’ it could simply list the amount of repair points the item has left and could be found in the same place you find the quality and other stats of said item.

Personally I think it should be based off of the quality of the item and tie directly to that. It is to be noted that the perks gained from the higher quality item (at least in my idea) do not degrade with the diminishing degradation of the item.

Albion Online

How will this affect the economy?
After thinking long and hard about this one, I’ve come to the conclusion that whilst gatherers may suffer during the initial roll-out and implementation of this new feature, they will ultimately be better off. The demand for resources will increase a hell of a lot meaning that gathering will still be a good way to earn cash. It goes without saying that the people who craft items will benefit the most from this as they will need to keep up with the demand for people stockpiling items. Those who just want to PvE will suffer the most, however if I remember correctly I remember something somewhere about there may only be some resources available in dungeons/from monsters which will be their big source of income. For the PvPers, well this game is oriented round being guild/clan/team based, also if you’re a good PvPer you’re already rich.

All numbers are there just for an example and are not an actual suggested figure. They are there purely to provide a better understanding of what I am suggesting.

Please let me know what you think, all feedback is welcome (good and bad). It’s also worth noting I have done a quick search on the forum and found nothing like this before. I’ve also asked about items decaying in game (as I’m not extremely experienced in all areas of the game) and found that items may only be destroyed up on being executed. If any of this already exists I apologize. Once again thank you for reading this and giving your input.

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Remove Learning Points

Here. I fixed half of current in game issues for you.
Yes, that’s how easy it was guys, it took some balls to say it, but I did it. Be proud of me.

We all know that financial perspective of people buying multiple accounts/buying premium on multiple characters just for lp gain is INTERESTING for Sandbox crew, however do we really need to stick to the broken mechanic that is rewarding those who don’t play above those who do play your game with dedication and love for what you made ?
Remove Learning Points

What Learning Points gives is the potentialt to be one man “I can do everything” and that’s the last thing that game witch such massive economic aspect should let people do.
Despite the fact of radiculously fast crafting in the current final beta build, LP lets everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to have a crafter for his own things. We don’t have dedicated crafters, crafting takes no effort in the game, it takes no time, it cost no attention. We don’t need to lvl them up, we don’t need to gear them up, we just create them run to the town with them, and craft the shit we want in 30-40 min. 600 lp -> 100lp didn’t affect the game at all, because of the low fame requirement for crafting. Crafting what you need of any tier takes no time, with current fame requirements for gatherers you are able to feed 3 crafters on your own, without any problem before u reach the next tier of gathering tool AND IT SHOULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Guild Gatherers should actually commit to a guild crafters and not be able to create alts just to do something with the resources they had to gather, while crafter after 30min/day work is ready for next tier mats without any effort or time lose. Don’t get me wrong, gathering is fine, crafting is not. It takes me about 1 min to gather 1 resource of tier 6/7 on map while constantly checking who and what is behind me, while crafter in 30 sec,safe in town is able to crafat Dual Swords tier 8.4. – that’s not how balance between profession should work.

It’s not about casual vs no lifers debate, it’s about how to make the game balanced and rewarding for those who actually fully commit to it. Why after certain time somone who never even picked up an axe will be able to gather same tier of resources that your most dedicated players grinded for weeks(hopefuly MONTHS).

I do honestly believe that SI dev team had a great idea for this game, the dream was born from nostalgia to what they felt when they first touched MMORPG genre, unfortunatelly financial decisions has came into the way, money of those who will forget about Albion Online month after the release, are worth more then those who will stick to it no matter what.

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Gathering vs Paying to Transmute

3 of our guild members are out gathering 18+ hours a day and yet there is still no possible way we could gather the 6.4 mats necessary to compete in our GvG’s.

This leaves us with absolutely no CHOICE but to have collectively spent nearly 2000 dollars buying gold just to have enough silver to transmute mats into 6.4 in order to field the team, even with many people over a mil gathering fame…

Please someone explain to me IN DETAIL how this is NOT pay to win. We have to pay to even field a team in equal gear.

Every node of t6 you come across at this point is pancaked nearly 24 hours a day on an absurd 20 hour cooldown, It is completely unfeasible to attempt to gather the resources necessary to field the gvg team, leaving 0 options outside of paying real life money for gold and then using the gold to get silver to transmute into 6.4.

The scarcity is a problem, but not for the zergs, becuase they have enough people gathering. It’s a problem for solo gatherers or solo players or small groups.

  1. Go on the AH and look and try to buy even some t6.3 mats, theres none available, the zergs gather it all and sell NONE of it. NONE. Because they need it for GVG.
  2. Now go out as group of 5to10 and try to GATHER the resources to field a team in even basic 6.3! It’s NEVER going to happen, the nodes are all flat and you risk being zerged, it could take weeks to craft even ONE set for each of your players.

The current game is completely impossible for a small group to compete in anyway without paying real money to transmutate resources.

I’m not complaining because im suffering here, im complaining on behalf of EVERYONE ELSE, TECHNICALLY IM BENEFITING FROM THE CURRENT SITUATION. BUT I CAN SEE THAT IT MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYONE who is not in a zerg or an incredibly hardcore guild!

EVEN if they can’t see it yet, I SEE IT, AND THEY WILL SEE IT SOON ENOUGH!!!! And trust me when i say they are GONE when they realize it, gone gone gone wave goodbye now!

SOLUTION: ALL that has to be done to fix the problem is make the resrouces easier to GATHER than to CREDIT CARD. It’s currently the opposite, the resources aren’t even remotely obtainable by a small guild or group of players, so they have 1 option, credit card.

I’m not saying take the credit card option away entirely, im saying [b]MAKE GATHERING ALSO A VIABLE WAY FOR A SMALL GROUP TO GEAR THEMSELVES. Currently it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE for a small group to gather what they would need to field a team! HELL they CAN”T EVEN BUY THE RESOURCES ON THE AH BECAUSE THE BIG STRONG GUILDS ARE HORDING IT ALL!

As im writing this post sitting in guild teamspeak someone says in the background “dont worry in a couple of weeks the nodes will be here because so many people will quit” LOL is that the game you want? It’s not the game I want.

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Albion Online: Feedback Rant

I am going to try and be very civilized here. This is a list of reasons I hate this game:

1. Travel time. It is literally so bad. When you start the game it’s fine because all the resources are right outside of the city, but when you get more than 2 days into the game, it requires you to go to black zones, which are SO far. Literally took an hour to get to a black zone dungeon, and an hour back. No this isn’t an exaggeration, it is literally insane. A FREAKING HOUR. I was trying to stay awake; that’s how bad it was. It was the least fun I have had in a video game in a LONG TIME. Oh and that cool experience of riding a mount? Trust me, the sound effect of the horse clicking its hooves after an HOUR OF WALKING starts to sound like a blender breaking your brain.
My Fix Idea : Make the map WAY SMALLER. I’m talking cut at LEAST 50%, and that is me being generous. Instead of resources giving 3, make them give 20, who cares. Just cut the map size, the walking is horrible. Not to mention you literally see no one of threat, because the player base is so small, so it’s pointless that it is so big. Let me repeat myself, the player base is EXTREMELY SMALL. tiny player base + massive map = wtf?

2. Guild Based. The game is focused on guilds. If you aren’t in a guild, you can’t play the game. You have to be active in the guild too. Hour long walks to and from dungeons, only to hit a few buttons on each monster. Someone kill me. Solo players don’t stand a chance at anything. Besides the starting towns, any good resources are in danger zones where you either have to have a guild team ESCORT you, or you have to be an ESCORTER. If you gather alone, YOU DIE. If you solo PVP alone, sure you might get a kill or two, but there will ALWAYS BE A BIGGER TEAM. It always happens and it’s stupid. Teams of 20 just clean shop. Can’t do anything solo, and I’m sick of listening to these kids talk in the guild. I game to relax, not hear a bunch of teenage kids life stories.

3. Bugs. So many bugs, but it’s beta so I can’t really blame it. Except for example I made a character with hair, suddenly when I died my hair is gone. No one else has the issue, so basically the solution is go fuck me right? Thanks for the 30 dollars, enjoy your bald head. Sorry – let me continue being civilized on this thread, I lost it for a second.

4. Graphics. Bad graphics but I guess they have said they didn’t want great graphics, just great game mechanics which aren’t there either. They have like 20 avatar pictures, but all the ingame character faces are the same fkin one. No matter what avatar, everyone has the same in game face. All the men the same, all the women the same. Like really? You can’t even have your art guy draw literally one other face for customization? Also, only 2 hair styles, but I mean my hair turned bald, so I guess that doesn’t work either.


I submitted a ticket for a refund. if there aren’t refunds I would like to be notified in comment below by moderator. if that’s the case, I sure as hell hope the game lets SOLO players advance just as well by adding new mechanics to the game so good resources doesn’t go hand in hand with being in a guild, as well as pvp survivability. Maybe a solo PVP map, just like how there are yellow zones, and red zones. Orange zone solo PVP? just an idea. Next, cut the world map at least in half like I said. Honestly if the world map was 30% of what it is now, it would be much better. IN ADDITION to a massive map cut, make roads offer 50% bonus speed. Faster roads for travel only makes sense with how fucking slow it is, excuse my language but it rages me. with map cuts, u can just make resources more plentiful, boom, problem solved. graphics, make character customization feel like they are making their OWN character. i look the same as everyone else, literally, only 1 face to pick from. also add foot prints on the snow, splashes through the water, etc. little things matter ||

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Three Things You’d Like Changed in Albion Online

1. Under the stats category it states that you are able to earn fame by trading.
I have yet to see anyone earn a single fame point in that category and would like to see if you guys could somehow intergrate that into the game.

2. TAB Targeting
it gets annoying in dungeons when i have 10+ people in a party at one time and see my character just standing there after i killed a mob and cant click another mob because of the amount if people that are around. if you made a tab targeting system then i would be able to switch from target to target with an easy transition.

3. Custimizable Armour/Weapons/Mounts.
I would highly enjoy if we could custimize tge colors of our weapons, armour, etc. It would give our more Albion Online Gold. Maybe have higher tier armours and weapons have sort of a glow so you could see the difference? or possibly have certain colors locked on a specific tier. (Example – Black & Red & White T5, Gold & Black & Blue T6) just a thought.

alright I will stop ranting now.
P.S – I would love to see the top player of certain stats get a rare item or have the color if their name change so you can see he is not one to mess with. Example – Player with top fame of killing other players [Black nametag & Black gear with the legendary excalibur that i saw in the story of how albion originated]

1. Flesh out the world more. I would love to see a large increase in the number of monsters and dungeon available. Everything about this game reminds me of Ultima Online, and I love it. If we could reach the point where we have as many different dungeons/monsters as Ultima Online had upon release (In 1997) that would be great.

2. Economic checks and balances. Recently the markets for several goods have crashed, this is very concerning considering only 40,000ish characters have logged in (According to the fame board). What happens when 150,000 people make up the economy? There needs to be an alternative to selling your wares for a giant loss at the albion online gold market. Runescape resolved this issue with their High Alchemy system. Some sort of mechanism needs to keep the markets stable.

3. Allow us to change the controls. Mouse and keybindings, but especially the mouse controls, particularly the left and right clicking. I like that right click moves me without attacking but if left click would attack and not move me to the cursor location, if I missed, that would helpful. So to clarify what i’m asking for, I want to be able to left click on the ground next to my target not move there, it would do nothing. If I left click on my target it would attack him if he is in range or it would move into range to attack him and then begins auto attacks. Currently if I left click the ground it will move there whether or not I meant to click it.

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Albion Online: The debuffs are workings

The anti-zerg mechanisms are active in the black zones, namely:

Focus Fire protection = damage reduction when you get damaged by multiple players at once
Escalating AOE effects = damage per player of AOE spells increases if you hit more than 5 players at once
We are quite happy with how these work currently to get more Albion Online Gold, though we will into look into tweaking the escalating AOE mechanic a bit – it used to be too strong, now it’s likely too weak, so we are likely to make some adjustments during this beta.

are you kidding right ? happy how it is working ? Yeah the debuffs are workings great m8, but the game is not. We need harder penalties for the zergs.It’s a banned zone for small groups, not even thinking about casuals.You can ask your in game “mods” how it is working cause I’m pretty sure you are not playing the game.

As I said in previous posts. 70% speed reduction for big groups in pvp zones is a good anti Zerg mechanic. Reducing the fire that I will receive from 20 chars will kill me anyway!Hope you read this message cause we need a better answer than “happy”.

Depending on which black zone you are in, there are tons of roams that go on with just anywhere from 5-20 people. Is 15 or 20 people roaming through a zone what you consider a zerg?

Sure there are times when you run into larger forces but trust me there is room for small gank squads to setup, you just have to be smart and have a few people scouting. You need to choose your targets carefully than you can get albion online gold for sale. Just today Echo of Silience went on a huge roaming party of around 15 people. They were well over 12 zones away form their main territory just running around killing gatherers.

let’s say that I play with other 4 friends. We make a guild in a black zone. And some day one of them is sick.

I have made well over 16 trips to and from the black zones solo. Sometimes you are unlucky and hit a gank but its possible to make it back and forth.

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