One of the first groups of PvE enemies that Albion Online adventurers will encounter in the game is the Heretic faction. This is an assortment of outlaws who have banded together to take out weaker prey. The question is, will you prove to be that prey or a predator in disguise?

“The Heretics are what’s left of the first expedition to Albion,” the narrator of a new lore video explains. “Criminal scum in the old world that was sent to explore the magical isles. Now, broken and driven into madness by the unforgiving land and its inhabitants, they are plundering and poaching on the edges of Albion.”

You can meet the Heretics — if you dare! — after the jump.

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Albion Online

Just a day after launching its massive Darian patch, Albion Online has posted up a Q&A video and roadmap summary for its summer goals. Darian itself will be the last update before the big beta wipe, and then beta 2 will kick off in July for a few months. Launch, presumably, will land in the fall.

On the Q&A video, Game Director Robin Henkys reiterates that Albion is intending to appeal to hardcore PvP sandbox players as well as a wider audience of “players who are not immediately aligned with the idea of risking everything they’ve played for a long time to someone just killing them.” Henkys says that the two groups synergize, create goods for each other, and become targets and allies. He also doesn’t dismiss the idea of future “seasonality,” suggesting that it could be fun to pop an Atlantis-style island out of the sea for a month and let players exploit the heck out of it. Check out the whole video below.

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Albion Online new outlands design

Fellow Adventurers,

One of the main aspects that we will be working on to get the game ready for release is the new Outlands.

These are the areas of Albion Online where PvP is totally unrestricted. They are optimized for guild play and allow guilds to capture their own plots of land and building up their own towns and fight over control, influence, power and wealth in the region. They also contain player cities, which act as a good base for players and, via guild islands, allow guilds to take part in the outland gameplay who are not yet ready to capture their own home territory.

When redesigning the outlands, we are making use of lessons learned from the Beta 1 and the Final Beta, with the goal of combining each version strengths while avoiding the weaknesses.

We believe that we have found a design that fulfills these goals. Here it is:

Note that the maps above are an abstract topological respresentation of how the zones are conneted to each other. The actual look and feel of the world will be far more immersive and not feature the chess-board layout that you see above – in the same way that an actual underground rail network map looks nothing like the actual rail network. The cities displayed are also not little islands surrounded by water, but fully attached to the land mass. For a glimpse of the actual look and feel of the world we are aiming for, .

Design Goals
Increase population density
By increasing the ratio of home territories versus normal territories, we want to achieve a higher population density. At the same time, we will still make sure that home territories will always have one buffer zone in between them.

Create a better mix of hot spots and quieter areas
The outside areas of the Outlands will be lower risk and lower reward, and will be tailored more towards solo and small scale play. The central areas are expected to see constant group action.

Match guilds of similar skill
The top right region offers the highest rewards in terms of resources, PvP objectives and PvE content, and we expect it to be the most competitive and most densely populated. The bottom left region is at the albion online gold market. Since it offers lower rewards, we expect that area to be more peaceful, less competitive and also less densely populated. By deciding where they want to settle, guilds can pick their own level of difficulty. For the lower end zones, we will try out our soft gear cap mechanics that we successfully used in Beta 1.

Make travel distances more reasonable
In the current Outlands, the travel distance from a home territory to the next harbor could be up to 12 zones, and up to 8 zones to the next city. The travel distances are being reduced, without making them too small. Furthermore, the higher end Outlands will have a longer effective travel distance to the green zones than the lower end Outlands in order to encourage trading. Note that in the picture above, the green harbors lead to places at the start of the yellow/red zones, the yellow harbours lead to the middle of the red zone and the red harbours to the outer reaches of the red zone.

Encourage interaction across time zones
In the current Outlands, the top end guilds could not really fight each other if they were in different time zones, as the distance between them was too large. Instead they had to fight their neighbors, which usually did not stand a chance. The new layout makes sure that guilds of similar skill can settle next to each other and compete, no matter their peak time zone.

Be able to adapt different population numbers
The map layout self-adapts to population numbers to a large extend. If population is too low for the space offered, we expect the low end Outlands to be less crowded, without really affecting the population at the high end, due to all the best rewards being there.In order to Buy Albion Online Gold. Less populated low end Outlands however are not even a bad thing, as it makes it easier for guilds who are currently based in a city or in the yellow/red zones to make the transition to the Outlands

Allow for expandability
As shown in the picture below, the Outlands layout can be expanded dynamically to account for a growing population post release.

Create an immersive and believable world
We want Albion Online’s world to feel real and immersive. Apart from the actual zone design, this has a lot to do with how zones are presented on the world map. We will rework the current world map, with the goal to create a more realistic look and feel. As an illustration of what we mean by this, please see the picture below, but note that the actual look and feel is still under development.

We are very confident that the new outlands design fulfills all the above design goals and is a drastic improvement on the current layout, but also on the layout used in Beta 1.

We are looking forward to your questions and feedback.

King regards,

Your Albion Online Team

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The game needs certain Albion Online numbers


Buys get all the critical issues sorted and all current content reasonably finished in place and Buy Albion Online Silver, I have no problems to wait but I do not think it’s wise considering the whole community, the game needs certain numbers to work properly from economy to world size, release somewhere in 2017 with a very small population and the underwhelming gaming experience would follow.

This game has also got too many wipes on its shoulders to keep the original community interested. You guys are not at the same level as Blizzard popularity or other triple A companies to play with the “soon, when its ready” and keep dragging without consequences. The mmo market is oversaturated for quite some time, and the pvp-focused side of it is getting a lot of small titles like yours floating around. Do not push people too far with the wait and make this community so fragmented towards other titles that Albion Online Gold. Do not get carried away with your scope for the game, reality clock is ticking.

I can’t recall this game being so far from being ready to launch in the past 2 years. Launching in this state would be suicide.

– Fame progression is to be revised;
– Still no words on economic changes;
– World map will be revised (including yellow/red gvgs, timezones, new biome etc);
– Meta was and still is absurdly bad (only one healing class, no tanks, arcanes, same DPS everywhere with few variation);
– Bots and hacks everywhere;
– Crashes, lags;
– PvE is awful (not that it matters much anyway, has always been like this).

Besides all that, if you account we only had one “major” update on this beta so far and it managed to actually break the game to the point you can’t even GvG anymore then you’ll realize asking for launch in 2 months is unrealistic. I’d say march 2017 is VERY optimistic. Realistically I’d stick to Q3/Q4 2017, that if they stop taking steps back in every update, of course.

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Albion Online spawning places of ore probably

Lately i was thinking about the fact that wildlife should be looked after by the devs. The reason why is that it seems to work quite differently compared to the other materials.
Lets assume something that is not true, but that will proof a point:

normal= 80%
green= 15%
blue 4%
purple 1%

Let’s say we spawn 100 ores. That is wat we get:
80 normal
15 green
4 blue

And these spawning places of ore probably stay the same for all cycles until everything is going to buy Albion Online Silver? Lets say there are 10 cycles and that means you have 10* as much ores spawned then what is shown above

But wildlife seems to be working different.

Now let’s say we spawn wildlife at first the same applies:
80 normal
15 green
4 blue
1 purple

somebody is running his horse around asap and gathers the following wildlife animals:
15 green
4 blue

Because normals are usually not worth your time.

Now those 20 will be respawning after that (but it seems random):

16 will be normal
3 will be green
1 will be blue (sometimes purple)

now you have:

96% of the wildlife is normal
3% is green
and 1% is blue or purple.

The amount of non-normal animals on each map is converging to 0% the more cycles there are (until it is reset, or somebody cares about normal mats, which quite frankly isn’t the case).

The question to the devs is: is this actually happening this way, or are you guys respawning existing animals as well to change their rarity every cycle?
Isn’t the wildlife respawning different compared to Buy Albion Online Gold, because ore patches stay the same rarity even though it got mined out?

Please let us know how the spawning mechanics work for all of the resources and if the issue above is the case.

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People want ESO to be soloable because currently the phasing system

People want things to be soloable because currently the phasing system makes it impossible for you to go back and help a guildmate or freind with a quest they are stuck on. If no-one happens to be at the same point in the same quest as you then you are stuck with it and can’t get help. People would not care how tricky something was if they knew they could call for help to get through it.

I don’t think most players want “solo only”, but to be able to solo everything. Grouping is probably the most challenging part of this game. I play a heavy armor sword & board DK, because I don’t follow norm of light armor to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold and staff grouping is nearly impossible. Because my DPS isn’t as high i have been kicked from a few groups. I have had group members bail before final bosses when it gets too difficult or if the run is not fast enough for them.

I belong to 4 guilds (3 trading, 1 PvE/PvP) I don’t expect to play much with my trade guilds, but my other guild has clicks so if your not with the “in crowd” don’t expect invites. I have 4 RL friends who play, but with recent bugs they’ve gotten frustrated and haven’t been playing much.

The other problem is many of the higher VR areas are an empty void. I was in Eastmarch yesterday and most of the dungeons I had to solo because no one was around. So I just stock up on soul gems and force my way through. Because this has become a standard the recent nerfs to DK’s have been a bit frustrating for me.

I consider myself fairly social and will run to help if I see a shout out in chat, but if only 3 people show up to a dark anchor or world boss that’s pretty sad. I would love to find a small core group/guild with less than 20 people to play with Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold, but even that would be difficult. One of my guilds has 500 members, but only about 10-15 players have been online in the last 2 weeks. I don’t know if this is a sign of things to come.

I have a 6 month sub and play almost everyday so am in it for the long haul and I do love the game, but i’m not sure what the solution is to fill the void i just wish ZoS would cater a little more to player’s like myself who just want to play despite the bugs, bots, and glitches. Of course, I really haven’t experienced many of the game-breaking problems other players have been having so my level of frustration is not as high and in a different direction.

I try to make things soloable in any game because its fun and challenging to find out how far i can go with my class.

But I would never claim or ask to make content that is supposed to be for groups become easier or soloable.

I just like challenging stuff and working on specific builds or tactics to make the “impossible” become possible. This can take a couple days and not everything is succesful but at least i want the chance to try it …

I don’t like games that come up with silly barriers and restrictions, like you cannot enter a place or instance just because you have not enough people or something like that.

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I am new to Albion Online, Hi

I am new to this game, just played for 5 days, but i wasted some real money to buy gold and upgraded my island to lv 6 hoping this could give me allot silver i future.
The thing is i learn cooking right now, i just bee able to cook goose pie.
I look on market to buy all items for 1 single cooking, and that would cost me 7500 silver. I guess i get 10 pies and that would mean the cost to make them is 750 each.
When i look on market the cheapest costs 650😀.
That means i could not sell it and earn anything.

If i was able to grow gooses, goats and so on it would offcourse be cheaper, but….if i the sell the ingredients instead of cooking them i make higher profit.
Is there trouble in the games ecconomy? or have i totaly missed something?

Ingredients are often more expensive than the finished product because the process of converting ingredients into products rewards you with Albion Online Silver. If you could just buy ingredients off the market, craft them, and sell them for a profit, then everyone would be leveling their crafting skills for free.

First check the market. Do the math and see if a profit can be made. Then put the work in.

You get 15% returned resources when crafting in a city, which means 15% cheaper materials. Soon they will add the option of using crafting focus for foods/pots to give a 45% return. I generally try and break even on buying/selling and let the 15% be my profit.

I know all of that but any how the ingredients should give a little less profit then the ready cooked meal i think. In moast other mmo i played i could buy ingredients and cook and still make a little profit, ofc not much, or else you make more money selling the ingredients instead of making a product of it.

Its possible to level cooking with buying ingredients allready, ofc you lose some money, but moast of it you get back when selling the finished product.

Lets say i can farm goats, goose and grow cabbage. If i sell the raw ingredients i get more money then if i cook the goose pie to Buy Albion Online Gold, and if i just want money i would go that way instead of learning cooking.

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