Albion Online seems to be lacking the play / counter play part of PvP

First of all, some of these ideas aren’t my own, but they’re in here to give people the better overarching experience. A lot of people when they suggest ideas to one specific part of the game, don’t see the larger aspect of the game as well. Changing the one little thing such as crafting and allowing people to mine X more than usual changes more of the game than just faster mining. The ideas within are supposed to complement each other and work together, not just “change X thing!”

The Unknown:

There needs to be better, and more, ways to travel through Albion Online Red and Black. The underground cave systems that have been introduced with blue dungeons and Gateways, need to be expanded into a full blown system of their own.

The Cave system needs to expand to cover almost all of Albion Online, and allow alternative travel means but with a twist. Minimaps need to be disabled here, people need to either map and learn these tunnels themselves, or rely on others whom have. The information of tunnels and their fastest routes to and from, can be a great boon for Guilds, attacking and defending alike.

These areas can offer not only more opportunities for guilds to outplay their opponents through tactical movement of troops and outflanking, but will also allow those more inclined to explore bigger and better riches than those already marked out upon the map of the world above.

This will not only open up a new system of exploration for Albion, it will also offer the ability for smaller groups to evade and travel, along with making overworld Territory control choices even more crucial. Who knows what lurks below your zone in terms of caves and what possible riches they might hold? Could be sat on a nice mine, or maybe a great fame farming spot. Unless you explore it to find it, you’ll never know. offers Cheap Albion Online Gold for all the gamers.


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