Some Basic Knowledges of Albion Online

New Resources: We added a bunch of new resourecs which are required to craft the new “Enchanted Weapons”

Normal resources: can be gathered in the open world, They now exist in 6 rarity levels. Higher Rarity is needed for higher level weapons.

Gems: (Destruction, Manipulation, Protection) drop from Bosses

Souls: (Warrior, Hunter, Mage): drop from Hellgate Demons

Essences: (Warrior Hutner Mage): are found in special essence territories which contain ancient shrines where essences can be gathered

Relics: Relics (Destruction, Manipulation, Protection) are found at open World PVP locations (currently castles; more will be added later)

Scouting; Notification of players in a cluster: In yellow zones it is shown how many hostile players are in an area! In green zones we show how many friendly players are in an area. In red zones we shot you nothing about who is in a zone. Dungeons have the same ruleset as the cluster (green, yellow, red) they are in.

Minimap Zerg: Groups larger than 5 are marked on the minimap (this is a testing value which may be increased)

Gold Market: We implemented a gold market which allows the trading of gold for silver (and vice versa)

Swap Transactions: If there is too much Albion Online Gold on the market there is a global discount on silver costs and a silver pool is build out of the silver sinks (repair, transmutation, quality improvements) with which excess gold is removed from the market.

Silver requirements removed from crafting and farming/planting
Seeds Trader: On your private island there is a “Seed Trader” selling you seeds and baby animals.

Gold Slider removed: Due to the pay2win discussion we removed the gold slider. Know you would have to change your gold for silver on the market and trade with other players

Name Tags: We gave you more options to customise the name-tags of players so in a huge fight they don’t take over.

Mini Bosses in Dungeons: We have added Mini-Bosses into Dungeons. They are tougher enemies then their normal counterparts.

Patrols in Dungeons: We added patrols into dungeons where you may have to wait in the one or other situation to not pull too many.

New Biomes: Grassland (T1 – T4), Badlands (T5 – T6), Deadlands (T7 – T8).
Market Place: Silver does not need to be collected anymore from the market place!
New Bossfight: Earthmother

Albion Online

Refining: Resource refining requires a lower tier resource. This way even T2 still is viable for the overall economy and does not become a “throwaway resource no one cares about”.

Refining II: In combination with Learning Points and Crafting Endurance, refnining will now be its own profession. it is not advised to do both as a crafter (refining & crafting items); you should focus on one thing!

Guild Leader: There is a mechanism to promote someone else to guild leader if the guild leader quits the guild

GVG: We rebalanced GvG scoring
GVG: GvG fights over resource territories have a new placement of orbs; also only 3 orbs seperated over the map

GvG: It is shown on the minimap if Orbs/Monoliths are captured
Durability: Rebalanced durability for items to last much longer in normal use

Small combat mechanics improvements: e.g. like cooldown & cast speed reduction also affecting spells if the buff is applied during a cast/cooldown period
HP regeneration: While being “in combat” there is no HP regeneration
Dead Player Scouting: When you are dead, you can NOT see what is happening around you anymore

Minimap: Party Members are shown on the minimap
Line of Sight: You can not shoot through walls anymore
New Worldmap: We added around 30 new clusters/areas to the world.

Flagging: Can’t flag hostile in safe zones with the help of Cheap Albion Online Gold, can’t enter safe zones while being hostile, but made switching from hostile to friendly much faster (unless you recently attacked someone)

Yellow Zone PvP Death Penalty: When you get killed by another player in a yellow zone. You get knocked down and you can stand up X seconds later. Your equipment looses durability. A part of this durability loss is left as loot for the attacker in the form of silver.

Gear Durability: The durability of your gear affects your stats!


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