Albion Online PvP Feedback

Right, just started playing Albion, and liking it, but realizing that trying to be a jack of all trades in this game is a massive, massive timesink and not something I’m particularly interested in doing. So I figured I’d ask some of the veterans here what they think about the viability of a few PvP-focused builds I’m considering, seeing as PvP is what I enjoy the most. Ideally it’d be a build I could use to farm silver when need be, but primarily would be built to drop other players.

I’ve heard good things about dual dagger – massive burst, good mobility, good hit-and-run.

I’ve also heard cursed mages get pretty nasty – self heals, heavy DoTs, good sustain.

Then of course the CC champ that is the frost mage – not the heaviest damage but massive slows and control.

My preferred playstyle tends to be smaller-scale, roam PvP. I’m sure I’ll eventually end up in the big GvG scenarios, but my bread and butter is stalking red zones alone or in a small group and either jumping opportune targets, getting into solid brawls with even-matched opponents with Albion Online Silver, or being able to survive and get the f**k out of there if a big mob of enemies rolls in that I stand no chance against.

Thoughts on a style that would best suit me? Are there others I’m not aware of that could be viable? I’ve heard stuntanks are pretty fun, but I don’t know how lethal they are, or if they’re mostly for locking people down so others can do the killing. I don’t want ganks to last hours. 😉

So yea, thoughts? Suggestions? What kind of armor / spells would you pair with your suggested builds? Any key builds I should be looking at?


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